Investing in Brazil

Investing in Brazil

by Ricardo Barretto Ferreira, Azevedo Sette Advogados and other contributors: Alessandra Lima Ganz, Alessandra Martins de Souza (partners), Juliana Sene Ikeda, Danielle Chipranski Cavalcante, Fabio Capelletti, Ingrid Bandeira Santos, Juliana Petrella Hansen, Helena Virgili, Lorena Pretti Serraglio, Maristela Ferreira de Souza Miglioli, Stefania Mariotti Masetti and Stefania Acerbi Manfrin, Camila Sabrino del Sasso, associate lawyers at Azevedo Sette Advogados

A Q&A guide to investing in Brazil.

This Q&A gives an overview of the key factors affecting inward investment, including information on the jurisdictions legal system; key laws and regulatory authorities; investment restrictions; and details of international treaties, customs and monetary unions. The guide also provides information on investor individuals; visa permits; restrictions on foreign ownership; transfer pricing and thin capitalisation rules; imports and import duties; safety regulations and standards for commercial goods and services; structuring and tax incentives; investment guarantees; recent developments and proposals for reform.

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