Brazilian Secretariat of Prizes and Betting publishes its Regulatory Agenda

Brazilian Secretariat of Prizes and Betting publishes its Regulatory Agenda

The Secretariat of Prizes and Betting (Secretaria de Prêmios e Apostas - SPA) of the Ministry of Finance, authority in charge of supervising the betting and prizes sector in Brazil, published, in the Official Gazette of 4/10/2024, its Regulatory Policy, as well as its first Regulatory Agenda, by means of Ordinance SPA/MF 561/2024. 

Regulatory Policy

The objectives of the published policy are:

  • To establish priority regulatory actions; 
  • To provide legal certainty, predictability and efficiency to the regulatory process of fixed-odds betting; and 
  • To provide a steady, current, transparent and attractive regulatory environment for sustainable investments

Regulatory Agenda
In compliance with these objectives, SPAs Regulatory Agenda contains priority items, with a bold deadline expected to be fulfilled between the months of April and July, 2024. It starts with topics focused on certification, security, authorization and means of payment. Then, it goes through topics related to the prevention of money laundering and other crimes, as well as obligations and rights of bettors. In the third phase, the focus turns to regulating online gaming security, supervision, and sanctions. Finally, Ordinances related to responsible gaming and social destinations provided for by the law are expected to be published.

Click here for see SPAs Regulatory Agenda.

More on SPA
The Ministry of Finances website in the field of prizes and betting is still under development and should have a specific section for Commercial Promotions and another for Fixed-Odds Betting, in addition to allowing consultations on legislation, certifying entities and interested companies.
The SPA organizational chart is now available online. The need to monitor the quarter that begins remains. This is expected to be a busy quarter for SPA, given its Regulatory Agenda presented above.
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