ESG and Governance

ESG and Governance

We support companies from different segments in improving or adapting to ESG criteria (environmental, social, and governance factors) in a way completely personalized to the needs of each business and taking into account the clients stage of development in the subject matter.

In a scenario in which the structure and reputation of companies is supported by even stricter legal requirements and standards that go beyond those provided for in the legislation, our multidisciplinary and integrated team specialized in the ESG pillars provides legal advice on the prevention of potential risks and on opportunities that this new investment and development environment promotes.

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  • circular economy
  • access and maintenance of water quality
  • natural resources management
  • production and supply chain management and compliance
  • compensation of air emissions
  • land use and avoided deforestation
  • renewable energies
  • climate changes
  • green economy
  • biodiversity


  • well-being: health and safety of workers 
  • affirmative actions for the promotion of equal opportunities and the fight against discrimination
  • policies to protect against labor trafficking and to eradicate child labor
  • measures to combat forced or slave-like labor (productive chain) 
  • training and development 
  • community-company relationship
  • conflict management


  • anti-bribery and anti-corruption 
  • establishment of transparency rules
  • data protection, privacy, and cybersecurity
  • risk management and supervision
  • issuance of Incentivized Debentures
  • legal advice on ESG financial products
  • assessment and monitoring of ESG practices
  • mediation and relationship with stakeholders