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  • Preferences in the Acquisition of Brazilian Products and Services in Public Biddings

    02/12/2011 – Lucas Martins Magalhães da Rocha

    The Brazilian Government has recently enacted new regulations for public biddings setting forth margins of preference for Brazilian manufactured products and services rendered in Brazil. The purpose of such regulation is to promote national development by creating an incentive to suppliers and service providers to perform its business activities in Brazil, creating here, and not abroad, employment, income, industrial development, tax revenues, among others benefits.

  • The Use in Brazil of Foreign Contractors’ International Experiences

    01/05/2011 – Lucas Martins Magalhães da Rocha

    The business opportunities in the infrastructure sector in Brazil, arising either from the investments needed to sustain the economic growth expected for the coming years, or from the projects that should be implemented to meet the country’s commitments for the Olympic Games and the World Cup are attracting the attention of a number of foreign contractors.

    Opportunities can be identified in virtually all areas, such as transportation, energy, ports, utilities, airports, oil and gas, sanitation, amongst others, to clients from the public and private sectors.

  • New regulation of the Public-Private Partnerships guaranty fund of the Federal Government

    20/10/2009 – Taciana de Oliveira Salera

    The Federal Steering Committee of the Public-Private Partnerships approved, on September 15, 2005, the draft of the regulation of the PPPs Guaranty Fund the referred FGP.
    The creation of the FGP was already determined in the PPP Federal Law (law 11.079, enacted on December 30, 2004) and its purpose is to minimize the typical uncertainties of a long term project and overcome the distrusts of the private sector. Within such context, the lawmakers envisioned a series of guarantees to be offered by the Public Administration to the private entities, amongst which the establishment or use of special funds set forth in law(art. 8, II, of Law nº 11.079/04).

  • Practical Analysis of the PPPs in Brazil

    20/10/2009 – Taciana de Oliveira Salera e Gustavo Rocha

    Created as an alternative to the financial incapacity of the State to invest in infrastructure, the Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) were regulated nationally, 4 years ago, by means of the Federal Law 11.079/04.

  • PPPs Innovations

    19/10/2009 – Gustavo Eugenio Maciel Rocha

    On December/2003, Minas Gerais innovated once again and established Laws nº 14.868 and nº 14.869 that created, respectively, the Public-Private Partnerships program and the guaranty fund.


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