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Camila Sabino Del Sasso

Investing in Brazil

by Ricardo Barretto Ferreira, Azevedo Sette Advogados and other contributors: Alessandra Lima Ganz, Alessandra Martins de Souza (partners), Juliana Sene Ikeda, Danielle Chipranski Cavalcante, Fabio Capelletti, Ingrid Bandeira Santos, Juliana Petrella Hansen, Helena Virgili,...

Companies with foreign members must provide Brazilian Central Bank with updated information by March 31st, 2020

Do not take the risk of having to pay fines that could reach R$250,000.00. Check whether your company is required to disclose, and know which and when information needs to be submitted. Companies with direct foreign investment (meaning those that have foreign equity holders...

Brazilian Residents with assets abroad must report to BACEN by April 5TH to avoid fines

Individuals and legal entities must report investments on an annual or quarterly basis, depending on the value of the asset abroad. Check other deadlines that may apply to you....
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